We will keep an updated list of different opportunities here for serving overseas.

Opportunity to serve in France (Monday, January 8, 2018)
Want to serve on a multi-cultural team with a big vision? WT France's vision is to have a church for every 10,000 people (instead of the current 1 church per 38,000 people). To learn more about the various roles and gifts needed on their teams, click here or contact Info-Europe@Worldteam.org.

Wanted Immediately: Dictionary Workers (Saturday, June 3, 2017)
Oroko Bible Translation Project
World Team Cameroon

Job Description:  Two detail-oriented individuals with basic linguistic skills to come to Cameroon for 1 year (minimum of 6 months, up to 18 months possible). Their primary responsibility would be to help prepare the Oroko dictionary for publication. This could involve traveling to various villages and towns to meet with people, checking existing data with native speakers, keeping detailed records, and updating data in a computer database. Good phonetic skills are required; the rest will be taught on the job.

Are you up for a challenge?  The Oroko are a group of 10 clans/dialects which are socially united but have significant dialectical differences. Their dream is to have a common dictionary shared by all 10 dialects. The work involved promises to be challenging but rewarding.

Critical Timing: The Oroko New Testament is in the final stages of checking and will be published soon. Projected release date is November 2018. Ideally, the Oroko dictionary could be published at nearly the same time as a resource for people to look up unknown vocabulary and better understand the New Testament. 

Contact Information
Dan and Lisa Friesen via lisa.friesen@worldteam.org
Find out more about World Team at www.us.worldteam.org

Opportunity to Serve in Papua (Monday, May 22, 2017)

Papua is home to Hillcrest International School, assisting many missionaries to Indonesia in their educational needs. The last few years have seen an increased uncertainty related to upcoming staff, recruitment is down. WT currently supplies 2 teachers to the school and is committed to seeing it continue for the next generation. They are in dire need of more teachers, please check out the Hillcrest International School Website and watch this video to see needs.

Contact: Ed.Johnson@worldteam.org for more information or questions .

Opportunity to Serve in Cameroon (Monday, February 28, 2017)

World Team has been working among the semi-nomadic, hunter-gatherer Baka people in the rainforest since 1992. Due to their oral, pre-literate culture, WT has been using Chronological Bible Storying and an "Oral Mini-Bible" developed by SIL to help the fledgling church to grow. The time has come, however, for a full translation of the N.T. to fully equip believers. WT Cameroon is looking for someone ready to do hands-on translation alongside Baka believers and an experienced church-planting team. Please contact Barry.Abbott@worldteam.org for more information and please pray for more workers for this area of the world.

Short Term Opportunities: Summer '17 (Monday, October 24, 2016)
Short Term Trips: Summer '17 will offer several opportunities for young adults/college students to explore their Long Term interest in missions while serving short-term. We are excited to be going to Dominican Republic, Papua, & Spain, as well as a few other partnerships with specific universities. For more info click here. Contact: JoshMorrison@worldteam.org

Opportunity for Churches to Help (Monday, October 10, 2016)
WT is excited about the Latin America initiative - we are partnering with FAM International, a fraternity of nine Spanish-speaking sending countries. 15 WT fields are interested. Three fields are already talking to a couple and 2 candidates in Central America about serving on our teams. We are asking God for like-minded churches in N.A. and Europe who will also join with us. Click here for more info or contact: chuck.sutton@worldteam.org

Opportunity to Serve in Cambodia
 (Monday, Sept 26, 2016)
Western Cham in Cambodia are a UPG, WT has a small presence, but we need more people willing to reach these Muslims for Christ. This link has more info. to share & can be used on social media. Contact: Jeannie.Hartsfield@worldteam.org & your WT sending center mobiliser. Pray; share!

Opportunity with Student Ministry in Italy (Monday, Sept 12, 2016)
Come and join our student ministry in Milan/Italy! We need a church-planting team to do campus ministry with the city's 174,000 new students each year. We desire to reach future Italian leaders while they are studying at the Univ. of Milan, with the goal to send the first team by Sept. 2017. For more information please contact Ron.Smith@worldteam.org.

Needs in Cameroon:
1. Teachers for the Rainforest International School
The Rainforest International School is a school in the capital (Yaoundé) where many of our friends' kids attend. It is likely that when our kids get to highschool age they will attend RFIS as well. This is a great opportunity to help further the cause of missions. Missionaries care a lot about the education that their children receive.

Here are the teaching positions they are currently looking for:

  • English as a Second Language Specialist
  • Math - Middle School
  • Math - High School
  • Music - Choir, Lessons, or Instrumental
  • Science - Chemistry or Biology
  • Science - Middle School
  • Social Studies - Government or History

There are also non-teaching positions available. Check out more information: http://rfis.org/staffing-needs-20132014/

2. Dorm Parents
For those families that do not live in Yaoundé, there is a dorm available right next to RFIS. This allows the kids to stay and attend the school during the school year. One big need is for a couple that can stay at the dorm to run things and help disciple the kids. Right now we have a couple planning on leaving their village ministry to do this for a year, but starting in 2017 we have no one to run the dorm.

Check out the job description: https://us.worldteam.org/go/details/dorm-parent-in-cameroon

3. Homeschool Teacher/Administrator
Living in the village, most of us homeschool our kids. This means that we need to have curriculum, schedules, advice and administration. We have had the blessing for many years of a homeschool coordinator named Elsie. She visits us in the village once a year, orders everything we need, and helps us to know what we are supposed to be doing. Elsie will unfortunately be retiring from this position within the next couple of years. She would love to train her replacement. The position is centered in Bamenda, one of Cameroon's most beautiful cities.

Do you know someone who would love to further missions by ministering to Cameroonian missionaries in this way? Send them the link: https://us.worldteam.org/go/details/teacher-administrator-in-cameroon

Check out all the opportunities at: https://us.worldteam.org/go/