Where are the Hares?

We are wrapping up our time in Dallas, TX and plan to do light traveling this summer before we leave for Cameroon on August 20th. Please do contact us (stacey.hare@worldteam.org / dave.hare@worldteam.org) if we will be in your area so we can come by and say 'hi'.

*this map was Summer 2017.

June - July 4th - Dallas, TX
June 18th - June 22nd - Oral Drafting course at Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. 

July 5th - July 12th - Colorado

July 13th - August 11th - Louisville, KY
Garfield Baptist - TBD
Corydon Baptist, IN - TBD

August 11th - August 20th - Colorado
First Baptist Church Black Forest - TBD
Austin Bluffs EV Free - TBD

August 20, 2018 - August 2023 - Cameroon

Our prayer for this summer is that the Lord would use us to raise up at least 10 new missionaries to the field. Please pray with us that the Lord would answer that prayer and let us know if you or someone you know is interested in talking about foreign missions as a career choice (dave.hare@worldteam.org; Stacey.hare@worldteam.org).